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What is an Employer
of Record (EOR)?

Global Expansion’s EOR platform and support services allow you to quickly hire legal, full-time workers in a new country without having to first establish a local business entity. On paper, the worker is employed by us, but in every meaningful sense, they work for you.


Benefits of working with a Global EOR

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Rapidly build an international team

Onboard new hires within hours, no more waiting to set up business entities first.

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Automate compliance

Our platform accurately automates compliance to protect you and your company.

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Reduce costs

Hire globally without having to make huge investments in HR and legal personnel or overseas infrastructure.

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Simplify Global HR

End countless hours of ongoing admin by streamlining global payroll, benefits, compliance and more.

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Rely on us

Expert support services are included. From onboarding to termination - we're with you every step of the way.

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End the talent shortage

Hire the world's best talent where they are, right now.

EOR Transfer is Easy

Looking for a better Global EOR?

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You found it. We are the most complete Global EOR in the industry offering services and coverage in 214 countries and territories. We can help you seamlessly transfer employees from another provider.

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Our clients save 56%

Roll back spending on the additional HR and legal staff that would be required for compliant global hiring. Eliminate the investment in infrastructure, licenses, fees and operating expenses of setting up your own entity.


Savings with Global EOR

From Albania to Zimbabwe, everything you need to know.

Whether you're hiring 1 or 100, consult the industry’s most comprehensive global hiring guides first.

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