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Global Expansion delivers the most complete and streamlined PEO and Employer of Record (EoR) services in the world. Hire, pay and manage the world's top talent - no borders, no problems - today. 

What we do
We provide people-first Employer of Record (EoR) solutions that are tailored to the needs of your company
Your team deserves the freedom to live, work, and play anywhere in the world. We make it happen, from seamless onboarding to timely pay in local currency.

How it works:

Using GX as your Global Employer of Record

Group 654

1. Choose your people

Choose the people that have the required skills and match your company culture.

Group 662 (2)

2. We onboard them

We hire them and guide them through the onboarding process. Full compliance guaranteed.

Group 663 (1)

3. We take care

Our local experts take care of your people. HR, payroll, taxes and benefits. Single PoC.

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4. You reach your goals

With the best global talent at your fingertips in an instant, you grow at the speed you need to succeed.

Why people love us

Path 1500

Trusted Advisors.

Our experts act as trusted advisors to your business, giving you the
confidence to expand successfully.

Group 844

Technology that works.

You save time and money with our award-winning software and flat
fees. No nasty surprises.

Group 846

Local Support.

Never stress: our local staff take
care of your people, day in day out.
Service excellence guaranteed.

Group 848

100% Employment

Permanent peace of mind: you’re
compliant with all regulations, always.


The Solutions

The five service lines that make up our Employer of Record (EOR) solution

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Our Technology
Discover best-in-class technology
A multi-award-winning global mobility management platform. An unmatched equity calculation tool, web 3 proof. You get both - at no extra cost.
GX One
Equity Pro
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GX by the numbers

The numbers don't lie:
this is not our first barbecue.

GX by the numbers

The numbers don't lie:
this is not our first barbecue.

Group 573b
Group 573
214 Countries

Operational in 214 countries and territories

Group 575
Group 575w

HR and Global Mobility professionals use our software each month

Group 652
22 years

of experience building global employment solutions

Group 644
Group 644w

of the FTSE & Fortune 100 companies use our solutions

Group 646
Group 646w

client retention rate

From Albania to Zimbabwe, everything an employer should know

The most comprehensive employer country guides in the world, for all of the world. What else is there to say?

See Our Countrypedia
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