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How Does it Work?

With so many challenges to overcome, Global Expansion offers a centralized service which coordinates your entire payroll options in one place - in 214 countries and territories. That means no more endless spreadsheets from your workforce. You can see all worker reports consolidated in one place and our award-winning software pays workers correctly in the correct currency every time.

Your Benefits

Truly Global

With a presence in 214 countries and territories, you can take advantage of our local knowledge to support your employees near-enough anywhere in the world.

Track Record

Our team has a proven track record of accuracy, so you can be confident in our compliant payroll support and delivery - wherever your employees are.

On Time Every Time

Your employees never have to stress about not getting paid. Our Global Payroll service offers on-time delivery, every time.

Combine Services

Combine the Global Payroll offering with our other range of services to benefit from the full lifecycle of Global Expansion.

Our Global Expansion Toolkit

We have a range of services which are designed to complement our Global PEO solution and support your expansion needs.

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