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Employer of Record services as agile as your business

No other EOR has the platform-, presence-, and tenure-trifecta to help you hire, manage, and pay your people—wherever they call home.

Unmatched EOR Expertise

The most experienced EOR in the industry

Newcomers have Silicon Valley cash.
We have expertise and reach that money can’t buy.

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A wider global presence than any other EOR

Rely on global HR support in 214 countries and territories.

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In-country expertise for an elevated employee experience

Rest easy with a local expert as each employee’s single point of contact.

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Better benefits to keep employees healthy and happy

Give your global team benefits that meet or exceed local expectations.

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Single-source payroll for your multi-country team

Trust us to pay your people in local currency—on time, every time. 

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Significant set-up and successive savings

Save 20% or more with Global Expansion over any competitor.

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No surprise fees, costs, or add-ons

Budget with confidence—know what each hire will cost every time.

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Industry-Leading Technology

The only Employer of Record SaaS+ platform 

Hire, manage, and pay anywhere with GX1, our multi-award-winning platform.


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Full ISO and SOC 2 certification

Stay secure with the only ISO- and SOC 2-certified EOR solution.

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Complete HRIS/HCM integration

Get the only EOR software that integrates with every major HRIS/HCM platform.

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Trusted by 21% of Fortune 100 firms

Discover why more of the world's top firms trust our software over other EORs’.

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Around-the-clock access and support

Keep reporting and communication consistent regardless of location.

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Our Company

More experience. More locations. More support.

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Over two decades of EOR expertise

Benefit from tenure our nearest competitor can't touch. 

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The only privately owned EOR

Know that we're completely self-funded and self-directed; no VC influence here.

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Demonstrated professionalism

Experience the difference our team's tenure makes in your global hiring efforts.

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Global premium partner network

Take on new markets confidently with the largest global partner network. 

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Ready to Get Started?

Where and how people work has changed—and will continue to change.
Stay ahead of the curve with the most tenured Employer of Record in the industry.

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