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What is the Global Expansion Community and Why Should You Join?

The GX community started with a simple idea for our events - no sales, just networking.

A place where HR, Mobility, and Talent professionals can connect and talk freely, away from social media distractions.

After popular demand, we created a digital space where these conversations can flourish, helping members stay connected, share the latest events, and work together in a sales-free environment focused on setting industry standards. 

Community networking events

Community is more than just belonging; it's about thriving together. Our online forum is a great starting point, but genuine connection happens in person. We host exclusive, complimentary quarterly networking events designed for meaningful interactions.

Imagine stepping away from the digital noise and into a space dedicated to building genuine relationships. These agenda-free gatherings allow you to connect with fellow members and foster a collaborative spirit and uncover innovative 'people solutions', inspiring personal growth and learning.

We cater to everyone: our events adapt to different settings, making them accessible and engaging. Expect a healthy dose of inspiration sprinkled with fun to create a truly enriching experience.

Become a member

Why Join the Community?

The GX community was created at the request of our clients and contacts.  It’s a networking space where professionals can connect and collaborate freely.

The community provides the ability for all members to:

  • Participate in community-wide discussions with a no-sales/supplier/advertisement arena.
  • Access ‘share details of job vacancies’ and ‘look for new roles.
  • Receive and share the latest thought leadership, templates, articles, and news.
  • Learn and join events including the ability to advertise and run your own events.
  • An exclusive Global Expansion client space that allows clients to connect, share initiatives, and develop solutions provided by the GX team.
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