Global Immigration

Wherever you need your employees to be, Global Expansion offers a seamless immigration process and takes care of everything.


Worldwide Working, Made Easy

Global immigration


Employee immigration is a key part of business growth, allowing you to take advantage of new markets and explore lucrative opportunities. We understand that immigration can be a daunting process, particularly with different rules and regulations depending on where in the world you are. We make things a whole lot easier, giving your business the platform it needs to expand into 145 different countries.

We can solve your immigration challenges and needs, by providing:

Co-ordinated worldwide immigration support in over 145 countries.

Immigration Policy & Compliance.

Business travel support using our all-In-one application to identify, track and manage business traveler and posted workers.

Advice and support on business visitor and student/graduate visas.

Strategic deployment planning and compliance advice.

Permanent residency applications.

Immigration audits.

Emergency support.

“From small businesses to the world’s largest organisations, we support all of your immigration needs, globally.”

Our Global Expansion Toolkit

We have a range of services which are designed to complement our Global Immigration solution and support your expansion needs.

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