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Our Most Popular Benefits

Medical Insurance

If you’d like your employee and their family to receive additional private medical insurance in their country of work, then the team at Global Expansion can manage this for you. Private medical insurance also includes dental, vision and maternity coverage - if these are required.

Life Assurance

Whether you require cover for your global employees for a set term or a whole life policy, we can manage the whole setup and provision of life assurance cover.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance - which usually describes income protection insurance - provides your insured employees with financial support if they’re unable to work due to an injury or illness.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

AD&D insurance can cover a range of injuries and accidents. Work with Global Expansion and we’ll ensure your employees receive financial support in the event of an accident.

Retirement or Pension Plan

At Global Expansion, we can offer our PEO employees the option to take a retirement plan. Whether this is directly linked to their salary payments or paid separately, there are several options available to them in their country of work.

We understand the importance of employee benefits

Having the ability to offer employee benefits is vital in today’s increasingly global economy and workforce. At Global Expansion, this is central to our Global PEO service. If you want to offer additional employee benefits over and above the statutory allowance being delivered in a country of work, we can provide a range of benefits and insurance policies to support your employees.

Large portfolio of leading providers

We work closely with several leading international providers, across multiple areas from health insurance, dental care as well as lifestyle and fitness memberships. This allows us to support your employees, and ensure they have everything they need, in 214 countries and territories worldwide.



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