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Simplifying Global Equity Compensation

Welcome to GX. We simplify global equity compensation management and provide strategic solutions that help your company attract and retain top talent worldwide

What is a Global Professional Employer Organization (PEO)?

At Global Expansion, a Global PEO is an award-winning Saas+ plus impeccable, consultative services for managing your global workforce.

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Unmatched Expertise, Streamlined Solutions

Industry-Leading Technology Platform: A platform by experts for experts. Our renowned technology partner delivers a complete suite of tools:

Effortless Trading: Execute stock options and other equity awards seamlessly.

Financial Reporting: Gain a clear view of your equity program with robust reporting tools.

Actionable Insights: Use business intelligence to make data-driven decisions for your equity plans.

Global Compliance: Stay ahead with automated compliance monitoring across international borders.

Interactive Employee Portal: Empower employees to manage their grants, access plan documents, and stay informed in a secure location.

Complete Security and Guaranteed Trust: We operate with the highest ethical standards, adhering to MiFID (EU) and FINRA (US) regulations. This ensures complete transparency and integrity in all our services.

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Restricted Stock Units (RSUs): A Key Component in Global Equity Compensation

At GX, we understand that Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) are vital to a comprehensive global equity compensation strategy. RSUs are a type of equity compensation issued by an employer to an employee in the form of company stock.

They are granted according to a vesting plan and distribution schedule after achieving certain conditions (such as continued employment for a certain period or meeting specific performance benchmarks.)

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Simplifying RSUs for Global Teams


Global Vesting Schedules

We assist in customizing vesting schedules that meet local regulations and corporate objectives across different countries. This ensures that RSUs are a motivational tool for employees, regardless of location.


Tax Optimization

RSUs are subject to varying tax implications in different jurisdictions. GX works with top-tier tax advisors to develop strategies that optimize tax obligations for both the employer and the employee, ensuring compliance with local tax laws while maximizing the value of RSUs.


Seamless Integration

Our platform seamlessly integrates RSUs into your broader equity plan, providing a single view that combines them with other equity awards. This integration helps simplify management and offers clear insights into the overall impact of equity compensation on your organization.


Education and Communication

We provide comprehensive education to ensure that HR teams and employees understand the benefits and implications of RSUs. Our interactive employee portal includes educational tools and resources that help employees make informed decisions about their RSUs.


Currency and Exchange Flexibility

Our platform supports conversion and payments in over 140 currencies, serving global companies and their diverse financial needs.

The GX Commitment

RSUs help attract and retain the best global talent. At GX, we know how to manage them well to boost your company’s international growth and success. Our approach simplifies global equity compensation, turning your equity awards into a strategic tool for expansion.

Choose GX and make your RSUs more than just pay; make them a key part of your worldwide talent strategy.

Benefits You Can Measure

Effortless Administration: Streamline equity management processes, freeing up valuable internal resources.

Enhanced Employee Experience: Build a culture of ownership by providing a user-friendly platform for employees to manage their equity.

Improved Investor Confidence: Maintain a clean and accurate cap table, demonstrating responsible financial management to potential investors.

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Ownership. Growth. Success.

We go beyond simply managing equity – we grow a culture of ownership within your business. Our global network of professionals with expertise in corporate finance, tax, valuations, and implementation provides unmatched support for your international expansion.

Trusted Globally, Recognized by Leaders

Trusted Partner in 214 Countries and Territories: We manage the complexities of international equity compensation across borders.

Transactions in Over 140 Currencies: Our platform enables transactions in many currencies, simplifying global operations.

Preferred by Industry Leaders: Our integrated approach has earned the trust of leading companies worldwide.


Glossary of Key Terms



A regulatory framework of the European Union for financial markets that improves transparency across the EU's financial markets and standardizes the regulatory disclosures required for particular markets.



This is a private American corporation that acts as a self-regulatory organization that regulates member brokerage firms and exchange markets.


Capitalization Table

A spreadsheet or table that shows a company's equity capitalization. It lists all of the company's securities (common shares, preferred shares, options, and warrants) and their owners.


Scenario Modelling

We provide comprehensive education to ensure that HR teams and employees understand the benefits and implications of RSUs. Our interactive employee portal includes educational tools and resources that help employees make informed decisions about their RSUs.


Business Intelligence Reporting

This is the use of tools that help transform raw data into meaningful and actionable insights, typicallythrough reports and dashboards that assist in strategic decision-making.


Employee Portal

A digital platform where employees can manage their equity awards, access plan documents, and engage with administrative tasks related to their equity compensation.

Hire with confidence in compliance

Global HR is a minefield - employee misclassification, legal agreements, tax deductions, labor law. Our worldwide network of HR experts stay ahead of global employment regulations so you’re protected.

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Simplify the complexities of global payroll

Our platform automates global payroll including taxes and the necessary governmental deductions per 214 different countries and regions. 

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Offer the industry’s best portfolio of global benefits

We make it easy to provide flexible, customized benefits packages that will help you attract and retain top international talent. Country-specific rewards at competitive rates.

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Expert support included at every step

We’re not just an award-winning tech platform. We are Global HR experts. And our support and services are included throughout the employee life cycle.

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Employer of Record (EOR) or Global PEO?

Quickly and compliantly hire in a new country with Employer of Record services - no entity or subsidiary needed.

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