Equity Management

Be Compliant and Flexible with Your International Workforce

Connecting Global Plans with Mobility Data

Flexible Reporting

Don’t make assumptions. Make effective decisions based on real data that’s sourced using modeling tools and forecasting. 

Automated Workflows

Pre-built workflows monitor equity awards that you can customise if needed.

Easily Compatible

Integrate with other vital business systems to create automated payroll instructions and compensation collection. 

Instant Remote Access

Employees, reward managers, HR - whoever needs to access the real-time data can. 

Exchange Rates

Compensation calculations are fast and straightforward in multiple currencies. 

Standardized Outputs

Create reports and workflows in customizable templates to suit your specific requirements. 

We're backed by Equus’ EquityPro app that provides automated management of tax obligations for global reward packages. It’s never been easier to issue and review incentives, safe in the knowledge that everything is compliant. Countries around the globe are becoming increasingly sophisticated when enforcing equity withholdings. It’s vital that your business has access to the reliable data it needs to act quickly, compliantly and with confidence.

With the help of award-winning technology, we replace spreadsheets with an automated management tool that’s responsible for employee communications and incentives. 

Our software offers your business a single source of truth, giving you the tools you need to manage the whole employee lifecycle without fuss. Plus, the whole thing integrates with HR and payroll systems so everything is connected. 

Our Global Expansion Toolkit

We have a range of services which are designed to complement our Global PEO solution and support your expansion needs.

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