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Zero-Hassle Hiring,
Anywhere in the World

Hire, onboard, manage, and pay global teams—no entity required.

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What Is an Employer of Record (EOR)?

An employer of record (EOR) becomes your global team’s legal employer and handles all HR responsibilities while you retain management and daily operational oversight.

On paper, Global Expansion is your international employees’ employer, but they work for you in every meaningful sense.


Why Use a
Global Employer of Record?

An employer of record saves you three things: money, time, and resources. Working with an EOR enables you to:

  • Hire faster, farther, and smarter by capitalizing on rich regional talent pools

  • Skip entity establishment, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars

  • Mitigate misclassified employee risks by legally hiring international talent

  • Allocate internal resources to other pressing obligations

  • Offer competitive benefits packages to attract and retain talent

  • Breathe easy knowing in-country experts have your employees’ backs
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Global EOR Benefits

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Accelerate Onboarding

Onboard new hires within hoursnot weeks—to outpace the competition. 

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Mitigate Compliance Risks

Trust in-country HR experts to follow local labor laws and employment regulations. 

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Cut Costs

Save on HR, legal, and infrastructure expenses required by entity establishment.

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Simplify Global HR

Streamline global payroll, benefits, taxes, reporting, and other essentials.

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Solve Your Talent Shortage

Hire in 214 countries and territories.
We'll handle onboarding and support.

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Rely On Us

Let us oversee your global team's HR needs while you manage responsibilities at HQ.

EOR transfer made easy

Your Global EOR Search Is Over

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You won’t find another Global EOR with more experience or reach. With capabilities in 214 countries and territories, we help you fast-track your EOR transfer while you focus on what’s next.

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Save 56% Compared to Entity Establishment

Save tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars with our EOR services by eliminating the HR, legal, infrastructure, licensing, and operational fees entity establishment requires. Cut costs, expand smarter, and grow faster with our Employer of Record services.


Savings with Global EOR

From Albania to Zimbabwe, Get There Faster with an Employer of Record 

Whether you hire 1 or 100 employees, understand country-specific must-knows in our comprehensive global hiring guides.

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