Business Travelers

We use Equus Software’s PinPoint app, to allow us to identify business travelers and manage posted workers.


Using Equus PinPoint

We use the PinPoint web-based app to track business travelers while remaining compliant at all times. It provides trigger alerts and tasks to those accountable if there’s a risk. It integrates seamlessly with travel, expense and security systems so there are never any costly gaps.

Staff members can enter their specific travel plans and the app will determine whether or not they need immigration support or if there are social security issues that need to be navigated. If the system spots a problem, it notifies everyone involved. Otherwise, it offers an approval code with a link to book travel.

Posted Worker Compliance

The PinPoint app automates the staff registration process which gives your business the confidence to be truly agile when moving staff to wherever they need to be. The dashboard features the tasks that need to be completed so it’s easy to keep up-to-date with where someone is in the process. This clarity means there’s no miscommunication, no issues with compliance and your business is always in control. Plus, the detailed record-keeping features ensure you can always refer back if needed.

The Business Traveler Process Made Easy

Data Analysis

Use the app’s intuitive dashboard to visualize risks and spot issues. 

Threshold Triggers

When certain conditions are met, the app notifies you and raises vital tasks. 

Automatically Identify Workers

It’s easy to identify and track employees that need to be registered as posted workers. 

Simple Data Collection

Collect important information from a number of different places so it can be visualized easily in one place. 

Manage Processes

Create workflows to effectively manage processes. 

Capture Calendar and Expense Information

Easily collate calendar and expense data from workers.

Control expenses, speed up travel and remove potential risk with Global Expansion and Equus Software’s PinPoint App.

Using this award-winning technology means your frequent business travel is no longer a time and finance drain. Monitoring is done on your behalf and you only need to be involved when the time is right. This makes international postings easier to manage. Speak to one of our team now.

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