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Labor Laws in Argentina

  • Annual Leave: Minimum 14 days depending on the length of employment.
  • Maternity Leave: 90 days
  • Public Holidays: 16
  • Workweek: 8 hours per day or a maximum of 48 hours per week.
  • Overtime: Must not exceed 3 hours per day, 30 hours a month, and 200 hours a year.
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Income Tax in Argentina

Residents and non-residents are taxed at progressive income tax rates ranging from 0% to 35%; however, special tax rates are applicable in case of gains derived from securities (including dividends), interest, and real estate.

Value Added Tax (VAT) in Argentina

The standard rate of VAT / IVA is 21%. A higher rate of 27% applied to telecoms, domestic gas supplies, water, and industrial energy users.

A reduced rate of 10.5% applies to a range of goods and services such as the provision of meat, fruit, and vegetables, passenger transport, and more.

Social Security in Argentina

Employer Social Security Contributions in Argentina

In Argentina, employers contribute a portion of their employees' salaries towards social security. The contribution rate and exemption amounts vary depending on the company's industry and annual sales.

  • Contribution Rates: High-Revenue Service & Trade Companies, with annual sales exceeding ARS 2.63 billion (services) or ARS 10.31 billion (trade) contribute 26.4% of the employee's total monthly salary.
  • All Other Companies: The contribution rate for all other companies is 24% of the employee's total monthly salary.
  • Exemption: Employers are exempt from contributing social security taxes on the first ARS 7,003.68 of each employee's monthly salary.

Employee Social Security Withholdings

Employees in Argentina also contribute a portion of their salaries towards social security. These contributions are capped at a specific amount, adjusted every quarter.

  • Contribution Rate: The total employee social security withholding rate is 17%, consisting of:11% for the pension fund
  • 3% for healthcare
  • 3% for social services

Withholding Cap: The employee contribution is capped at ARS 1,157,112.83 per month (as of December 1, 2023). This cap increases by 50% in June and December due to the 13th-month salary payment.

Work Visas Argentina

Here is a selection of work visas in Argentina, download our guide for an extensive breakdown.

Labor Contract Residence
Labor contract residence applies to foreigners whom a local company regularly employs for a long period. Valid for one year and may be extended indefinitely.

Intracompany Transfer Residence
Intercompany transfer residence applies to employees who are transferred from a home country company to an Argentine company for a long period. Valid for one year and may be extended indefinitely.

Investor Visa
The immigration office considers an investor to be a foreign national who would make a minimum investment of ARS1,500,000 in a productive, commercial, or service-supplying activity in Argentina. Valid for up to one year and may be extended indefinitely.

Transitory Work Authorization
A short-term, single-entry work permit valid for a period of up to 90 days. This type of short-term work permit allows assignees to reside legally in Argentina and perform paid or unpaid activities for a local entity in Argentina.

Business Visas
Business visas are issued to foreign nationals who were invited by a local commercial entity established in Argentina. This visa can be obtained only at the Argentine consulate in the country of residence.

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