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Labor Laws in France

  • Annual Leave: 30 days
  • Maternity Leave: 16 weeks
  • Public Holidays: 12
  • Workweek: 35 hours per week.

Income Tax in France

France has a progressive personal income tax rate of 0% to 45%.

Value Added Tax (VAT) in France

The standard VAT rate in Finland is 20%.

Social Security in France

Employer Social Security Contributions:

  • Employers in France must pay social security contributions of around 45% on average of the employee's gross salary.
  • The contributions cover benefits like health insurance, pensions, unemployment, and workers' compensation.

Employee Social Security Contributions:

  • Employees in France typically contribute between 20-23% of their gross salary towards social security.
  • This includes contributions to the public pension fund as well as a complementary pension fund.
  • Employees also pay a 9.7% solidarity surcharge on top of their social security contributions.

Work Visas France

Here is a summary of the main work visa options available for foreigners to work legally in France:

Short-Stay Work Visa (up to 90 days)

  • Valid for short-term work and business travel in France.
  • Cannot be renewed, and requires applying for a long-stay visa instead.

Temporary Work Visa (3 months to 1 year)

  • Includes a temporary residence permit (VLS-TS).
  • Available for various categories like young professionals, transferred employees, language teachers, models, and seasonal workers.

Long-Stay Work Visa (over 1 year)

  • Often valid for 1 year, renewable.
  • Available for high-skilled workers, transferred employees, au pairs, medical professionals, and other permanent employees.

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