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Labor Laws in Gambia

  • Annual Leave: 24 days
  • Maternity Leave: 12 weeks
  • Public Holidays: 14
  • Workweek: 36.5 hours per week.

Income Tax in Gambia

The individual tax rates on ordinary income are progressive and range from 0% to 35% for both residents and non-residents.

Value Added Tax (VAT) in Gambia

The standard VAT rate in The Gambia is 15%.

Social Security in Gambia

Employers that are members of the National Provident Fund scheme are required to make social security contributions equal to 10% of an employee’s basic salary to the Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation (SSHFC).

The employee must contribute 5% of his/her basic salary in addition to the contribution made by the employer.

Industrial Injuries Compensation Fund (IICF) – The employer is required to pay 1% of the employee’s gross monthly earnings up to a maximum contribution of DMD 15 per employee per month to the SSHFC (the only approved national retirement fund administrator in The Gambia).

Employer contributions to an approved retirement fund in respect of a resident employee are deductible for CIT purposes up to a maximum of 25% of an employee’s annual employment income paid by the employer.

Work Visas The Gambia

The Gambia offers various work permits, categorized into three main types:

Type B Permit

  • This category is for citizens of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and other foreign nationals working in skilled employment.

Type C Permit

  • This category is for skilled workers and small traders.

Type D Permit

  • This category is for dependents of Gambian citizens or residents.

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