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Labor Laws in Georgia

  • Annual Leave: 24 days
  • Maternity Leave: 126 days
  • Public Holidays: 16
  • Workweek: 40 hours per week.

Income Tax in Georgia

Personal income is subject to a flat tax rate of 20%.

Value Added Tax (VAT) in Georgia

The standard VAT rate in the United Kingdom is 18%.

Social Security in Georgia

There are no social security contributions in Georgia. From 1 January 2019, joining a pension scheme is mandatory for all employees, except for:

  • Individuals who have been 60 years of age (55 years of age in the case of women) before the enactment of the law.
  • Self-employed individuals.

The pension scheme is financed by employers, employees, and the government. Particularly:

  • Each employer will transfer 2% of the employee’s salary income to one's private pension account while paying the salary.
  • Each employer will transfer 2% of the employee’s salary income to one's private pension account on behalf of its employee.
  • Each self-employed individual will transfer 4% of one's annual income to the individual pension account.

Work Visas Georgia

Here is the selection of work visas available for foreigners to work in Georgia:

  • Georgia Work Visa (D4 Visa):This visa is issued to foreign nationals who have found a job in Georgia or are joining the Georgian branch of a foreign company. It is valid for 6 months to 1 year, with the possibility of extension for up to 5 years.
  • D2 Visa:This visa is for freelancers, those engaging in cultural activities, or press/media workers.
  • D3 Visa:This visa is for those coming to Georgia for research and scientific activities.

Citizens of many countries, including most European Union countries, can enter Georgia visa-free for up to 1 year.

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