Expenses, Travel and Attendance (ETA)


Boost your team’s productivity by automating your expense management process with the right expense management solution. Our easy-to-use tool transforms outdated expense report filing for your employees and finance team into just a few clicks on a smartphone or desktop.

Expense time reduced by 75%.

Unlock new opportunities with an efficient expense management solution. Minimizing the time you spend on administrative tasks by at least 75%. Because your time is precious and can be used for more valuable tasks.

All expenses, one consolidated view.

Business travelers will have their travel assistant in their hands. Use the app to verify your flight information, check-in and check-out in seconds from your hotel and add all your expenses in real-time. Add client dinners, taxi rides, and morning coffees to your trip and keep one consolidated view of your travel expenses in one platform.


Corporate travel, easy for employees, comprehensive for travel managers. Enjoy hassle-free business travels with unlimited options, excellent customer service and all in a platform you will love to use.

A good payment is no payment.

Forget about lodge cards and credit cards. With the central billing option, employees can skip the payment phase and save time during their check-in and check-out at hotels worldwide. At the end of each month, a consolidated invoice is sent to the company with all trips for each employee. A simple and efficient way to operate and have your business travel management done.

All things travel in one platform.

For travel managers and business travelers, booking a trip will become a piece of cake. Choose to stay in one of 800.000+ hotels, catch a train or flight, travel business or low-cost, all, effortlessly, on a platform built to adapt to your needs.

Online travel booking all the way.

Booking business travel with us is like booking your next summer vacation. Travel your way, arrange your multi-destinations, include breakfast, choose your seats, get that extra luggage for souvenirs, make group bookings and much more. No need to dial any number. It’s all at your fingertips via our web or mobile app. Business travel management has never been so easy.

Real-time actionable insights.

Get real-time insights into your company’s corporate travel spending. All bookings and expenses are immediately visible in the travel managers and finance team dashboard. Create reports on a regular basis and follow the activity of your travelers to make informed decisions. We can also automate your travel policy, approval flows and negotiated rates, giving you full control over the platform.

We are available 24/7

You have a question or need assistance with your booking? Our travel experts are available 24/7 to help with anything you need. Drop us an email, ping us via chat or call us for product or emergency travel support. We will always find a solution for you and help you with your business travel management.

Automated holiday and sickness management system



The ultimate holiday planning and sickness management tool.

e-days is a web-based self-service absence management solution. It provides an online portal for holiday booking, Bradford Factor scoring, shared calendars, comprehensive absence reporting and much more. The software helps managers and HR teams to track and administer holiday leave and sickness absence. Compared to alternative absence management options such as spreadsheets, paper forms to global HRIS systems; e-days is easier to use, faster and more secure.

Our software provides:

  • 24/7 self-service access to absence records from any PC, mobile or tablet device.
  • Built-in absence forms to certify sickness and document return-to-work.
  • Online holiday booking with one-click
    manager authorization direct from email.
  • Automated absence tracking mechanisms
    such as Bradford Factor scoring.
  • Online absence calendars with shared access and Outlook integration.
  • Powerful analytics functionality with Excel
    export and scheduled report features.
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