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To survive in the ultra-competitive world of finance, accountancy firms must adapt to the growing needs of their clients. In today’s global marketplace, companies need to be able to hire people in other countries. As a result, accounting firms are faced with an extra level of complexity and stretched resources.

However, there is an innovative answer to this problem, it comes in the form of an Employer of Record (EOR.) In this article, I will explain how an EOR can help boost a global accounting firm's growth and client service at the same time. Discover how to select the right EOR and channel its power to future-proof your accounting firm.

Major Challenges for Global Accounting Firms

As accountant firms move into international markets, they face fresh challenges that need careful consideration and smart planning.

Dealing with new accounting standards, complying with ever-changing regulations, and bridging cultural gaps make global expansion tough. Accountancy firms must successfully manage these challenges to strengthen their global footprint and future.

Staying competitive

As businesses expand, they want their accountancy firms to handle their financial needs in these new markets. If they can’t, they'll look for a global accountancy firm that can. Companies now expect their accountants to be able to provide services wherever they need them. Clients not only demand worldwide accounting services, but they also want them done fast, effectively, and within budget.

Retaining valuable clients

Today, accountancy firms require a strong global network to retain key clients. As I mentioned above, many companies now require financial services overseas. The accountancy firm can lose large clients if it can’t meet their international needs.

Entering new markets

Accountancy firms must actively pursue global expansion opportunities to match their client's demands. A successful accountancy firm must be able to provide financial services in new international locations. Yet, every country or region has distinct laws and regulations that must be followed.

Top Benefits of EOR Services for Accountancy Firms

An Employer of Record (EOR) allows companies to legally hire employees worldwide, avoiding the need to establish a local entity or break employment regulations. EORs have a global HR team experienced in the labor laws and payroll rules of the countries where a company's employees are based.

Here are the leading benefits an EOR provides international accountancy firms.

Day-to-day Management

The number one benefit an Employer of Record offers is taking on the legal and financial responsibility for a client's workforce. By outsourcing payroll, benefits, taxes, and local compliance, the firm can focus on providing clients with the best advice and service.

Payroll and Tax

It's important to comply with local laws and regulations when expanding into a new country. An EOR makes sure a company accurately compensates its employees, offers government-mandated and location-specific benefits, and calculates taxes and deductions.

Managing Compliance

Employers of Record (EOR) ensure that accounting firms comply with all corporate regulations, tax policies, and sales reporting requirements. Failure to comply can lead to fines, penalties, and damage to a company’s reputation.

Partner with the Right EOR

It’s important to understand that not all EORs are the same. Firms need to determine if the EOR is a good fit for its needs. Here are three key factors to consider when selecting an Employer of Record.

  1. Data security: An EOR manages critical employee data, including salary details, addresses, and banking information. It's essential to work with an EOR that strictly follows international data privacy laws and regulations.
  2. Proven track record: Selecting an EOR service with a proven track record is critical. It's vital to ensure that the Employer of Record has experience in the target countries and a verified history of successful projects.
  3. Global reach: Determine if the EOR has expertise in labor laws, payroll, and country-specific benefits where you are operating.

Count on an EOR for Global Success

An EOR can be a game-changer for international accountancy firms seeking comprehensive client services. By outsourcing key tasks, firms can guarantee their clients receive the best advice while avoiding potential compliance issues and costly errors.