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Why work with a Global PEO?

  • Global PEO services have become an essential service for many companies, to allow them to expand quickly into new markets and hire the best talent, without the need to open an office in their chosen country.
  • This allows for quick access into new markets and territories without the need to open a new office or entity locally.
  • The Global PEO will onboard, manage and pay staff, freeing up time and the distraction of local laws and bureaucracy, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

The Global PEO structure

  • Working under a Global PEO, you’ll become an employee of our local entity in your country of work.
  • The local entity will be your employer of record and will manage all aspects of your employment in-country on a local level, starting with contract preparation and issuing your employment contract, to payment of monthly salary, expense or bonus.
  • The local entity will deduct and manage all local taxation at source, including social security payments as required by law or arrange additional benefits, such as medical, dental, maternity, vision, life or disability insurances, if these are required.

Our Global Expansion Toolkit

We have a range of services which are designed to complement our Global PEO solution and support your expansion needs.

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