Global Talent Acquisition

Wherever your business expands around the globe, we’ll help you find the world’s best talent.


We’ll Grow Your International Team. While You Focus on Growing Your Business.

The success of your business in a completely new country depends on the talent you hire. At Global Expansion, we can help onboard global employees in a new country within 24 hours, with full adherence to local employment regulations being met

You already have your business to run and trying to look for top talent to fill your new team brings extra challenges. Let us take that burden off your shoulders. With capabilities in over 145 countries, our Global Talent Acquisition experts can help you attract talent from anywhere in the world.

Work With Global Talent Acquisition Experts for a Simple Set Fee

Each expansion has its own intricacies to get to grips with. That’s why when you collaborate with Global Expansion, our experts become an extension of your internal HR team so we can focus on each aspect of the entire employee lifecycle. From sourcing the brightest talent to hiring and onboarding, we’ll take care of it all while you focus on growing your business - all coordinated through our award-winning ecosystem. And it’s charged at a simple set fee per team member too.

The Benefits


Whatever your specific needs, our experienced team will ensure the process is simple and clean.

Fast response

Your business could have a compliant presence in a new country in less than 48 hours.


We protect your intellectual property and business from any risk.

Save time and money

Work with us and save time and money.

Why Global Expansion?

Our Global Talent Acquisition experts always have your success in mind. With our established global infrastructure, we can structure personalized solutions based on your business’ unique goals. We can also offer recruitment support with unbeatable insights to ensure you always find the top talent.

Need a Worldwide HR Service to Help With Global Expansion? Get in Touch

Even if you’ve hired in-country before, there are likely new legislations and requirements. They’re changing all the time. If it’s the first time expanding into a new country, then it makes sense to engage the experts. Get in touch with Global Expansion today.

Our Global Expansion Toolkit

We have a range of services which are designed to complement our Global Talent Acquisition solution and support your expansion needs.

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