Our History

Going beyond borders to help businesses drive growth and explore new markets. 


We’re Global Expansion

We’re a wholly owned subsidiary of Equus Software and are backed by their award-winning technology. Global Expansion exists to help companies to expand globally, simply and compliantly.

The Global Expansion ethos is based on going beyond borders in order to help businesses grow. We believe that business should be done around the world without any hurdles or difficulties. 

We’re a truly global company with around 230 employees located in Denver, Dallas, Lisbon, London and Manila. Our global presence allows us to attract and retain the best possible talent. 

Using the Equus technology solutions, we remove the risks associated with companies entering new markets. By providing the highest levels of compliance, we make sure the entire process is seamless and stress-free.

We operate a fixed monthly fee model that enables businesses of all sizes to benefit from our Global PEO services. To maintain these high standards, we integrate the award-winning, industry-leading technology into our ‘Global Expansion as a Service’ (GEaaS) offering.

Employee Insights

Your Global Expansion team is here to support you in country, working alongside our local entity to make sure that your transition to a Global PEO is smooth and hassle free.
James Peters

James oversees all aspects of Global Expansion and is constantly driving us forward to ensure we're always at the leading edge of global mobility solutions.

Stacie Groce
Vice President

With over 15 years of senior-level experience in the global mobility space, Stacie is an expert in end-to-end Global PEO services.

Sarah Stott
Director of Relations

Sarah and the global relationship management team work closely with our clients to manage the employee onboarding process.

Our Guarantee

Global Expansion provides compliance protection for all our clients. We apply advanced supplier screening to ensure anti-money laundering (AML), anti-bribery and corruption compliance is being maintained 24/7.

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